Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swim Team

It's been super mega sweaty here lately.  Too hot to take walks, play with my red car,or even practice my playground skills.  The only thing we can do outside is swim.  So today I invited some friends to my pool for a swim date.

Of course, one of the best parts of swimming is having a snack break!  I'm usually hungry and ready for my snacks about three minutes after we arrive.

Do you know what's not cool?  Friends that think they can be all sneaky and steal snacks!

Aside from Edward's inability to resist my Cheerios, we had a pretty awesome swim date.

Of course, mom had to be all lame and embarrassing at the end with her camera.  She swears I'll thank her someday.  We'll see. 

Thankfully my friends are use to it - I've know Edward, Lena and Bella since we were all in our moms' bellies at prenatal yoga.  So we've pretty much grown up together in front of my mom's ever-present camera.

And despite the heat we had so much fun swimming - the pool was filled with floaties and toys!  It was like a giant, awesome bathtub!

I can't wait to have another swim date with my friends!  But next time I'm hiding my snacks.

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