Friday, July 29, 2011

Swimming Lessons

I've been taking swimming lessons since I was a six month old baby peep, so I'm practically a professional swimmer now.  Today was my last day of lessons for a little while.  Mom says we're taking a session off to enjoy some outdoor pools.

To celebrate the end of the session, I wore a new (hand-me-down) suit.  It's important to be stylish in the pool.

I've come a long way since I started lessons...

... see?  I was just a chubby peeplet on my first day of lessons.

I've really loved my lessons.  If I'm feeling agreeable I know how to kick, splash, jump in (fall forward on command), reach and pull (paddle), blow bubbles (lick the water) and go under (not fight it when people dunk me).

Bella is in lessons with me.  She's a professional underwater swimmer.  I'm still a beginner underwater, but we have a great time together anyway.

After swimming we get showered and dried.  Bella wasn't impressed about getting her picture taken - mom was slowing up getting to snack time.  But look - you can see my toofs in the picture!

After swimming we get snacks.  Mom doesn't always appreciate the importance of snack time so I was all, "Mom, why aren't you getting me more snacks?"  And she was all, "I have to take eleventy billion pictures of you Juj, someday you'll thank me."  I told her maybe she should start by learning how to use the camera so my fluff doesn't look orange-yellow in pictures.

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