Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yesterday I turned fifteen so mom says I need to do another update.  I was going to write last night but I was distracted with the awesome new sippy cup mom bought me.  So here goes, fifteen and one day.

I'm pretty much an awesome toddler-peep.  My exploring skills are excellent.  I like to hide in my fort (the spot between the couch and chair), climb stairs and sit on the fireplace ledge.  And I love when mom and dad chase me around the house.  I know how to get off the bed and couch by myself but I can't seem to get on them without help.  I love playing outside and going to the pool too.  And I go to library school (storytime) and only sometimes get in trouble for stealing the teacher's puppet.  I still love reading mega.

I chatter non-stop.  It's not really my fault that mom and dad can't understand 75% of it.  I do say some things they understand like hi, bye, baby, eat (eeee), berries (beeeeee), car, uh-oh, mom, daddy, duck, hat, puppy, uppy, down, hot, go and probably a billion others.  I also sign more, eat, please, and milk.  The good news is that I understand everything they say.  I go to my high chair or carseat when they ask, I clean up my toys (when they ask), and I answer "yeah" to questions. 

I love to eat, especially if I see anyone else eating.  Berries are my favorite, especially blueberries.  I could eat a whole carton if mom let me.  But she doesn't.  Lame.  I also love bagels and breads and muffins.  I've been eating a little more meat too, chicken and turkey.  I drink water and milk.  Broccoli is my favorite vegetable but I also love carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, and corn.  I almost never get boobie-flavored boobie anymore.  Mom says the well has run dry.  As long as the bottles don't run dry, it's okay with me.

Most of the time I only take one nap a day for a few hours in the afternoon.  Every once in a while the birds and squirrels and Big Hank wake me too early and then I need two naps.  I sleep about 11-12 hours at night and I can even sleep through thunderstorms.  I'm awesome. 

Mom and dad say I'm the very best toddler-peep ever.  Sister Lab tolerates me.

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  1. Oh Juj, you are your mother's daughter!! Her favorite vegetable was broccoli also! She loved it so much that she even named her rocking horse Broccoli (except she couldn't really say it so it was more like "Broccabairdy". I wish we still had that rocking horse for you!