Saturday, July 9, 2011

Toof Party

Since I finally got my two teeth, mom said I could have a party to celebrate.  I suggested a bounce-house, DJ, catered snacks and petting zoo.  Mom said that wasn't in the budget.  Lame.

Instead I got to meet some friends in the park for a playdate.  It wasn't as awesome as my ideas but it was still pretty fun.

I wore a festive shirt about toofs for the occasion.

Before my friends arrived I did some exploring and stick gathering.

I really love the park because there are so many sticks to play with!

Once my friends arrived I said hi to them and then suggested that we have a snack.  Mom judged us because we had just had breakfast but we were all, "We're growing toddler-peeps!  We need a lot of snacks!"

After we had some delicious cheese and puffs and cheerios and bread and water and mum-mums, Bella and I went for a grasshopper ride.

The grasshopper is probably my favorite part of the park!  Well, besides all the sticks.

And it's mega fun to ride with a friend...

... even if it accentuates my, well, height challenges.

Later I did some sliding skills.  I love sliding.

Sometimes Bella lets me ride in the front of the grasshopper.

Of course, mom decided we needed a group picture.  She was a little late in this decision and one of my friends had already left.  Kinley wasn't very excited about the picture.  I think she's use to fancy modeling studios and doesn't like to take pictures with commoners anymore.

After only eleventy tries we all cooperated enough to please mom. 

After group pictures Bella was concerned about sun exposure so she helped me get my hat back on.

During a quiet minute, I got to chatter with my friend Ava.  I hadn't seen her since she was a bitty tiny peeplet, so we were pretty excited to catch up and share fluff styling secrets.

I had a great morning at the park.  Thanks for celebrating my teeth with me, friends!  When the molars come in, we're going to Disney!

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