Sunday, July 17, 2011


I had an awesome playdate today with my Creeplet friends!

We're all pretty old now - there's me, Teaghan, Susie and Nora.  The middle friends are about to turn one and Nora is sixteen months.

Last September we all played together when Nora came to visit from New York.  She even brought us awesome shirts!  Here we are in the same order ten months ago!

See, we're pretty grown up now!

I wasn't so sure about all the group shots...

... and it turns out I wasn't so sure ten months ago either.  I was all red then from trying to tell mom to get me the hell off the chair.

I did a little better this time cooperating with picture time.

I had a little trouble the first time I tried to take pictures with Nora, too.

But we got to be good friends...

... and now I'm just a little suspicious of pictures with her.

When we all first played, I think Susie was a little insecure about being the bittiest, so she wanted to show Nora she was the boss.  So she puked her.

Well, Susie is all grown up now but I guess she wanted Nora to know she's still in charge.

It was a super fun playdate, filled with toys, puffs and a few outtakes.

We were all pretty great babies.  We had to be - our moms said they'd pack us up and ship us to China if we didn't behave.  We were about to call their bluff but we decided we better just be good and sweet.

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    Great photos...sorry I missed it...
    I can't believe how big they are all getting!