Friday, July 1, 2011


Sometimes my friends Lizie and Joey call me up and they're all, "Hey Juj, can you come over?  We need you to keep an eye on us!" 

I always rush right over.  I'm probably they're favorite babysitter. 
First I play dinos with Joey.

I help Lizie work on her sharing skills.  I say very nicely, "Lizie, it's my turn to ride the horse, please."  I never try and shove her off or scream at her.  That would be bad manners.

When Lizie and Joey want to play outside I make sure they wear their hats and sunscreen.

I help Joey swing by balancing things out for him.  He's lucky to have a chubby friend!

I teach my friends juggling skills. 

When Joey and Lizie want to go down the slide, I always make sure to catch them at the bottom.

I'm a pretty great friend to pad their fall.

I also try to teach the babies about responsibility and chores.  I'm all, "You guys better help out around the house - mowing the lawn is a great start!"

I'm a pretty skilled lawn-mower...

... so I show Lizie and Joey all my lawn care skills.

But don't worry Peeps, it's not all work taking care of my friends.  I get to have a little fun too!

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