Friday, July 8, 2011

Pool Party

Today my friends Emma, Gary and Auggie called me up and asked if I wanted to swim with them.  I was all, "Of course!  I'm an expert swimmer, I can show you guys my skills!"

I figured I better look my best for the pool party.

My friends really liked my bathing suit, especially Emma.  And do you know why?  It use to be hers when she was just a little squirt like me!

Emma saved the bathing suit just for me!

I think it nicely accentuates my chubby thighs and round little belly.

When mom finally stopped taking pictures of me I got to go swimming!  Of course, once my swimsuit modeling ended mom basically made me wear a snowsuit in the pool.  She was all, "It's mega sunny Juj, you need to stay covered."  And I was all, "This outfit is not going to win me a golden brown tan.  Lame."

Even if I was wearing eleventy layers, it was still so fun to swim.  I spent some time boating.

I also relaxed in the baby floater.  This might look familiar...

... last year I did some floating too.  I was just a tiny squirt then.

It's pretty awesome to float around the pool.  I'm going to ask dad if he wants to get me a pool for the yard.  Not a bitty pool - a real pool!  Mom would say no but dad is putty in my chubby little hands.

I had a great time swimming with my friends.  And I felt a little better after I saw that they had to swim in snowsuits too.

After swimming I had a snack with my friends.  I got to sit at the big kid table.  It was awesome.

Emma had a snack with me.  She even told me something awesome - my mom use to take care of her when she was a bitty tiny peeplet and she had a car just like mine and she would take lots of walks in her car with my mom! 

I had so much fun swimming with my friends but it was pretty exhausting.  Bedtime came early and that was just fine with me.  Hanky-guy looked like he needed snorgling anyway.

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