Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy 4th of July, Peeps!
It was a pretty awesome day - I got to go to a parade and have friends over and eat a billion berries because mom can't resist my sign language skills!

First was the parade.  Mom and I found a nice shady spot to watch.  It was at the beginning of the parade route - the best spot! 

I watched the parade last year, too.  But I was a pretty little peeplet then.

This year I am pretty much grown up so the parade was so much fun.

I really loved all of the horses, except the one that peed a lot.  That was sort of disgusting. 

The bands were probably my favorite part of the parade.  I love dancing.  I wasn't even scared of the loud drums.  I'm a mega brave toddler-peep.

There was tons of candy thrown at me but I was all, "No thanks, I have two brand new toothlets, I don't want cavities."  I did collect two Tootsie Rolls though - they are my Grandpa K.'s favorite so I wanted to get them for him.

I got a flag and practiced my waving skills.

I got a little tired toward the end so I decided to just kick back and relax.

But I wasn't too tired to collect more awesome loot.  Dad says parade loot junks up his house.  Obviously this sweet frisbee isn't junk.

My awesome fan isn't junk either.  Unfortunately, my fan didn't survive the parade.  I had a little situation crumpling it.  Accident.

I love the parade but I was exhausted afterward.  I took a really great nap so that I was well rested because in the afternoon I had to entertain!

When I got up from my nap my aunties and uncles came over!  Since it's a holiday, I figured I better have a costume change and wear more festive clothes!  The change had nothing to do with a diaper malfunction and my peeing everywhere during the parade.  That was mom's fault.  It's not like I put my own diapers on.

I figured everyone would want to play bean bags.  It's a pretty fun game.  I don't know all the rules but apparently climbing in the hole during the game isn't allowed.  Lame.

My Auntie Sarah was one of the aunties that came over.  She came to see me last 4th of July, too.  But we had more fun this year because I'm such a grown up toddler-peep now.

My Auntie Susan came over, too.  She's pretty fun too even though she said I couldn't taste her Coke.  Lame.  She really liked playing my toys - a little too much.

After Auntie Susan played with my guys they stopped singing to me.  Don't worry though, daddy and I were able to fix it.  And from now on Auntie Susan only gets to play with blocks.  Supervised.

It was such a busy time I barely had time to stop and taste the deck railing.  (Not boobie-flavored.)

There were block towers to build...

... Uncle Mikes to hug...

... and daddies to entertain.

What an awesome holiday!  I can't wait until I'm old enough to stay awake for fireworks!  I bet they're amazing!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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