Friday, July 22, 2011

More Swimming

Today my friend Kinley called me and was all, "Can I come over?  My mom has to work and her office is lame."  And I was all, "Of course!  Just make sure you bring some toys so I can take them from you and then run off laughing."

It was snack time when Kinley arrived.  She was so funny crawling around me while I was eating.  I might have been dropping food to her like I do with Sister Lab.

After snacks we had a conference call on mom's phone.

I can't really say how the phone ended up in the gumball machine but I'm pretty sure it was Kinley's fault.

When our naps were done and Kinley's mom was finished with her work we went to the pool!  I've been swimming billions this week!

Don't worry, I practiced my swimming skills for a while, but the most important part of swimming is the snacking.

When mom wasn't looking I did a little investigating and found Hanky-guy and bink!  Amazing!  Mom said Hank and bink don't go swimming.  Lame.

That was fine.  Hank and I sunned ourselves on the side of the pool.  We didn't even need to go swimming.

Anyway, it seems like discrimination to me - Hanks like pools too.  I might have to consult my lawyer about this one.

Even though Hank wasn't allowed in the pool, it was still a super fun day.

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