Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gym Class

I'm a very health-conscious toddler-peep.  So recently I was all, "Mom, I think it's time I join a gym.  I'm going to need to workout this winter." 

Mom thought my idea was great so we decided to try out My Gym.  It was so much fun!  There was a toddler-coaster that I loved riding. 

But my very favorite part was working on the stair-master.  I went up and down the steps all by myself.  I already think my thighs are firmer.

I asked mom if she wanted to try them out.  She didn't.  She prefers not working out.

I also did some slide climbing skills.  I climbed all the way up by myself.  There were tons of fun things to climb and try out.  I loved all of it except circle time.  That was medium lame.  I mean, I love dancing and singing but not when there are so many things to be climbing!

After my workout I made sure to properly hydrate.  I'm probably going to join the gym, but mom wants me to try out one more next week just to be sure.  I can't wait!

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