Monday, August 1, 2011


I love having adventures.  Thankfully mom splurged when she bought her new phone so there's pretty good documentation of my awesomeness even when we're out.  Here are a few of my favorite weekly outings.

I like to push my own cart when we go to the store.

It's much more fun to be able to run all over the store picking out delicious snacks rather than being strapped into a cart.

My steering skills needs some practice but I'm working on not running into old people.

I love going to Library-School (story time).  We read books, sing songs, dance, play toys and have a great time.  After class there's more play time in the library.  Bella and I like to sit at the table and do puzzles.

But when mom is all "smile for the camera," I pretend I can't hear her.

I love exploring the neighborhood with Lizie and Joey.  Mom has figured out how to chauffeur all three of us around at once.  We wave to all the neighborhood squirrels, puppies and trees.  And we almost never throw things out of the wagon so that mom has to retrace her steps to retrieve things.

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