Sunday, August 7, 2011


Mom is really into garage sales these days.  Since she doesn't seem interested in buying me every single toy I love at Target, I'm okay with garage sales too.

So the other day we were out for a stroll and came upon my neighbor's sale.  I spotted a few things I thought I needed but mom said we couldn't buy everything.  Lame.  However, she did buy me some awesome new blocks!

Mom was all "the blocks are sort of for peeplets and not toddler-peeps" but I was all "they are so neat and they have a blocky-Hank and they're only one dollar and I neeeeeed them."  Lucky for me, I'm cute and mom's a sucker for a deal.

My new blocks are super great and blocky-Hank is fun to smooch.  Garage sale win.

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