Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fifteen Check-Up

Hi peeps.  What can I say.  I'm a little disappointed.  Here I thought if I behaved, slept well, ate my vegetables and never got sick, mom would stop taking me to the doctor.  Turns out, I have to have check-ups even if I'm a healthy toddler-peep.  Lame.

I'll be honest.  I'm not a fan of my doctor.  Mom is all, "Ohhh you have the best doctor ever.  He's so funny and nice and smart."  And I'm all, "Fine, why don't you have him stab you with needles and poke at your ears and teeth?"
The good news is that the doctor said I'm growing well and didn't even judge me for being 20 lbs 15 ounces and 28.5 inches tall.  He said I'm doing just fine in the fifth percentile for height.  He thinks I'm awesome for saying so many words and said that it's just fine that I like to drink some milk at 6:30 am and then sleep another hour or two.  Win!  I think he mentioned something about bink staying in my crib but I'm hoping mom didn't hear that part.  Even though I sort of cried through the whole exam, the doctor still said I'm a very healthy awesome toddler-peep.  And then I got a finger prick and a shot and I cried some more. 

Here I am, blissfully unaware today.  And just for fun...

... this is me at my 12 month appointment...

... my 9 month appointment...

... and my 6 month appointment.  I've grown up a lot since then!

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