Saturday, August 20, 2011


When I was in my mom's belly trying to break her ribs with my clown feet, I use to hear her talk about how she wasn't going to spoil me with billions of toys.

Then I fell out of her belly and she saw that I was the most beautiful peeplet in the whole world (starting around six months, before that I was sort of goofy looking) and all her toy-denying intentions went away.  Win.  Yesterday she brought home an awesome new climber for me!

There's a clubhouse on the bottom for hanging out with friends, talking about boy-babies, and reading books.

There's a super tall slide to go zooming down.  I recommend wearing socks on the slide, otherwise you might go lurching forward when your sweaty feet stick.

There's a super fun top deck for stomping around and waving to Sister Labs down below.

But do you know what's extra awesome?  The nice people that sold mom my climber heard that I was the best toddler-peep ever and they threw in a little chair too!

It's just my size and perfect for watching all my very important signing videos.

It's not just any chair though, it says my name!  Can you believe my climber used to belong to another Julia?!  It's a Craigslist miracle!

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  1. Just keep your feet up Juj then you won't have to worry about those stupid socks