Monday, August 15, 2011


Well, I figured I better take a break from the Pedialyte to tell you guys about my trip to the zoo last week.  It was super fun.  My friend Kinley was all, "Let's go to the zoo together and look at the animals and share crackers!"  Who could pass up such an invite?!

I got to see penguins!  It was a little scary because I was so close to them I thought they might try and eat me, but mom said they don't eat toddler-peeps.

There was a super friendly seal (or was it an otter?) that liked to show me his swimming skills.  He was fun to watch.  Can you spy me watching?

There were two cute bears doing some wrestling skills.  They looked pretty friendly but mom said unlike the penguins the bears would eat a toddler-peep.

It wasn't the first time I got to visit the bears - when I was a two month old peeplet I visited them too.

Later we saw a kitty.  He looked pretty soft but mom said that he'd eat me AND Kinley together - a toddler-peep sandwich!

I munched some crackers while a tiger snoozed.

I got to see a lot of fish.  They were pretty neat but posing by them wasn't.  Mom was all, "I took your picture here last year, let's do it again," and I was all, "Fine, but I'm not going to smile and indulge you."

I didn't smile for her at the fish last year either.

After visiting all the animals we decided to try out the germ-infested bee-themed play area.  Kinley and I had it all to ourselves!  We got to learn about honey, which was awesome until I dropped this door on my head.

We practiced our sliding skills...

... and our looking adorable skills.  And when we were done playing our moms scrubbed our hands and covered us in sanitizer.

We shared some crackers when we got hungry.  In retrospect, this might not have been the best plan, what with my plans to puke the next night, but I was just trying to be friendly.

The zoo was so much fun but I was very sleepy by the end and very happy to see Hanky-guy waiting for me in the car.

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