Monday, August 1, 2011


Today was another hot and stormy day so I was all, "Mom, let's go to Mall of America and try out the rides!"

We started with the carousel.  I wanted to ride the Hank but mom said I should try a horse because the horses go up and down.  Lame.

I held on and waved to the kids who were watching me.

I was a little nervous when the carousel started spinning a million miles an hour at the same time the horse was trying to buck me off, but mom stayed close and it was pretty fun.

Next we tried out the train.  It was much more my speed - slow.

Mom and I buckled up in case things got bumpy.

Just to be sure she didn't get scared, I snuggled up with mom once the train started moving.

We tried the balloon ride last.  I was super pumped.

But then we started flying through the air at a million miles an hour, practically going upside down...

... I decided the balloons were lame and not fun.

We moved on to Legoland and that was awesome.

I got to build some lego buildings and relax a while too.  Afterward mom took me to a lovely soap store so we could sample a lot of hand sanitizer.

Before we left I got to meet Blue.  He was pretty friendly.  I asked him if he knew Chica or the Wiggles but he said no.  Lame.

The amusement park was pretty fun, as were the snacks afterward.  I would try the rides again.  Except the balloons.  And probably not the carousel.  But definitely the train - that was great.

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