Tuesday, August 9, 2011


In keeping with my "week in review" theme (I'll tell you why later...), here's my Tuesday.  I started the day by saying "Tuesday" with Chica and Liz.  Not a big deal to me but it helps keep mom thinking that TV isn't such a bad thing.

I spent some time snorgling my favorite toy dog.  She can say my name and sing to me so I really love her.

Later it was time to practice my music skills.

It was a beautiful day today and Sister Lab had a bellyache so we spent a lot of time outside.  Mom said she wanted fresh air but I'm pretty sure she was just tired of scrubbing floors when Sister Lab got sick.  (Do you spy my toofs in the picture?!)

I brought my favorite book outside in case I wanted to catch up on my reading.

I worked on my driving skills.  I had one minor head-on collision but don't worry Peeps, no one was injured.  And dad will probably blame mom if there are any marks on the cars so I'm in the clear.

Plus, I'm a pretty cute driver.  I could probably chatter my way out of any ticket.

I decided that since I napped so long yesterday I would take a short nap today.  I was a little sleepy when I woke up so I spent some time snorgling my guys before I was ready to work on my playing skills.

Sister Lab and I watched for squirrels again while mom made fun of my diaper situation.  She thought I couldn't hear her but I totally could, and maybe having your diaper stick out of your pants is fashionable.

I worked on my reading skills for a while.  I love the letters E and I since they are in my favorite song.

Maybe because of my shorter nap, I was just a tiny bit sleepy in the evening so I rested while mom made pizza for dinner.  Just for fun, I kept saying "pizza."  When I do things like that, mom thinks I'm the cutest and becomes putty in my hands. 

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