Sunday, August 28, 2011


This morning it was so beautiful outside I was all, "Mom, let's go to the lake and see if we can spot any ducks or airplanes!"

I brought a few books along to read since mom isn't the speediest walker.  Good thing I'm such laid back toddler-peep.  I never even fussed about sitting - I just relaxed, snorgled in, and enjoyed the ride.

When we made it all the way around the lake I had a few snacks.  Mom has this thing about strollers and snacks and is all, "I'm not going to bribe you to sit, Juj."  She's lucky I'm such an accommodating toddler-peep when it comes to her ridiculous rules.

I really liked seeing all the airplanes on the walk.  I made sure to point at every single one and yell out "airplane" so everyone else knew to look.  I tried saying "hi" to the bikers but they ignored me.  Lame.

I also made sure I quacked at every duck I spotted.  There were a lot of ducks!  I had a pretty excellent time at the lake, and next time mom said we can bring some snacks for the ducks!

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