Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It was another beautiful day but Sister Lab was still getting better so we stuck close to home.

When I woke up mom and I had a mega speedy trip to the grocery store to get a special treat for Sister Lab.  But don't worry, I got a little time with Chica when we got home.

Sometimes mom tries to sneak away to use the bathroom alone.  Lame, I know.  No matter how sneaky she thinks she is, this is always the result.  Always.  I wouldn't want her to get lonely without me.

This morning it was a little chilly so my curls got shy.  Mom was all, "You're sporting quite the mullet, Juj."

Don't worry, my curls came out a little later.

Since Sister wasn't feeling well, we spent a lot of time playing outside, her favorite.  I practiced being tough.  This is my no-nonsense face.  I use it when I need something important like bink.

Lab wanted me to throw the ball for her.  At first I was all, "Sure, I love playing fetch!"  But then I realized how disgusting her ball was.  Lab knows my policy about getting my hands dirty.  I'm against it.

Just for fun, Lab and I had snacks outside.  She ate cottage cheese...

... and I got yogurt!

I am a growing toddler-peep so I was still hungry after my yogurt.  Sometimes when I'm hungry the whines leak out.  Luckily a second snack and a video helped.

After dinner we headed back outside for more playing.  I worked on my scooter skills.

I also did some bubble skills.  Mom tries to get me to blow bubbles and chase bubbles and do all these lame bubble games.  I think it's more fun to play with the wand.

I had a pretty good day even though I didn't get to have a mega awesome field trip.  I spent a lot of time playing outside, reading my favorite book and taking care of Sister Lab.


  1. Is she reading a pregnancy book? It looks awfully familiar.

  2. Yep, it's some silly pregnancy book that came free from Huggies. She found it in my nightstand (umm still haven't managed to pack away the books) and it's her favorite. Carries it everywhere. If you look, it's in almost every picture in every post.