Friday, August 26, 2011


Today my friend Lizie invited me to have an adventure with her.  We decided to check out some fish!

I've always been a big fan of fish so it was pretty awesome to be able to see them up close.

I really liked being able to go right up to the glass and watch the fish.  They have swimming skills just like me!

Watching fish is one thing, touching fish is disgusting.  Lizie was all, "Look at me, I'm playing with a starfish!"  And I was all, "Do NOT let that thing get my hands dirty."  My contact with the fish ended with pointing.

Just in case any of the fishes tried to find my hands and jump in, I kept them safely tucked away.

The aquarium was pretty neat because the fishes swam all around me.  What wasn't neat was mom trying to get me to pose with my back to them.  I was pretty sure something would try to munch me if I didn't watch carefully.

I loved the sharks.  Okay, confession.  I was a little jealous.  They were all, "Look at us, Juj, we're sharks and we have eleventy billion teeth."  And there I was with just two bitty teeth.  Maybe someday I'll have as many as the sharks.

Studying fish is hard work.  Naturally, snacks were involved.

After the fish, Lizie wanted to go on the rides.  I was all, "Oh sure, I love rides Lizie!"  But what I meant was, "Ugh, rides are super lame and medium scary."  I tried to be brave since Lizie is almost two and mega cool.

We went on the carousel first.  I rode Big Hank - mom thought he wouldn't be so scary since he doesn't try to buck toddler-peeps off while they're riding.  I tolerated the experience.

Next we went on the train.  I was skeptical about this decision but tried not to let Lizie see me clinging to mom for dear life...

... since she thought it was the best ride ever.

Once we finished with the death traps, err, rides, Lizie and I had a few more snacks.  It would have been more delicious if our moms focused a little more on food and a little less on poses for pictures, but that's nothing new.  They're always like, "Juj, Lizie, this one is for Windigo 2028!"  Lame. 

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