Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chatter Skills

Even though it's not even my monthly birthday, mom said I better do a quick skills recap.  I'm not even trying to brag.  I would keep my skills a secret but mom is all, "Someday you're going to want to remember the important milestones in your life," and I'm all, "Fine, but I don't think signing 'cracker' is really a turning point for me."

So let's see.  I'm pretty busy chattering these days.  When I feel like it I can say a billion things, though "L" words are too tricky.  Some of my favorite words are yeah, no, go, hat, baby, eat, all done, binky, outside, hi, bye, sit, up and car.  But my cutest words are birthday, Mom, okay, and book.  I just started saying "mom" and turns out, it makes mom do anything I want eleventy times faster!


I really really love music.  When mom is all, "Do you want to sing a song?"  I always say, "Yeah!"  And then I request "E-I" becaue it's my favorite.  We sing Old MacJujy a lot around here.  If I'm sad it's especially important to sing it.  I love it so much I don't even care that mom's got a terrible voice.  Though sometimes I'm concerned about the type of farm that has ducks, cows, dinos, dogs and Hanks all intermingled.

My Baby Signing Time videos are awesome.  I have learned a lot of signs - eat, more, milk, all done, cracker, hat, shoes, bird, dog, fish, please, thank you, baby and bus.  Lately I've been signing "thank you" without even being asked.  Being a polite toddler-peep is important.

Last night mom caught me reading my animal book and practicing my signs.  I didn't even know she was watching me.  I was pointing to the bird and signing "bird," and then doing the same for fish.  I like to study before bed.

I'm pretty good at asking for what I want but sometimes mom and dad can't understand my very clear chatters and emphatic signing.  I do my best to say what I want but it's not always easy for a toddler-peep to be all, "Excuse me, Mom, I would like to play with my hair bands please."  Luckily mom has figured out that this phrase and "clip" are nearly interchangeable.

Well, I think that about covers my chattering skills.  Mom tried to count all my words once but the day after she counted thirty I learned about eleventy billion new ones.  I even learned a word that mom said I'm not suppose to say.  It's not my fault I'm so smart I can copy her.

Maybe mom needs to try some sign language for the words she doesn't want me to learn.

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