Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bob Tree

The other day dad was all, "Peep, are you ready to go and pick out a Christmas tree?" and I was all, "Of course, I'm an expert tree-picker-peep!"

It didn't take long for me to find the best tree on the lot.

Since it was a little ginormous, we decided to get the trunk trimmed a little.  You know, so we could fit it in the house.

Tree-picking is super fun, especially when I can play hide and seek in the trees.

After we got the tree trimmed, I supervised dad's tying-tree-to-car-skills.  He did a great job - the tree was still there when we got home!

The next day it was time for decorations!  I inspected all the ornaments and oversaw placement.  I was a pretty excellent artistic decorator for the project.

We have some awesome ornaments.  I really liked the sissy-dog ornament, the cucumber (pickle), and the Gopher-snowman-guy.

Sissy-dog wanted to do some ornament inspecting too.  She snooted them.

 I thought it would be extra awesome to be festive while I decorated the tree...

... so I practiced being Santa-peep...

... and then I tried being tree-skirt-peep.

And when we were all done, our tree was beautiful!  I named him Bob Tree.  Christmas trees always have to have names you know.  Bob is pretty great, especially with his lights on.  Now we just need some presents underneath him!

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