Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day!

After my late night on Christmas Eve, mom and dad were all, "It's okay if you want to sleep late, Peep," and I was all, "Thanks guys, but that seems pretty lame."  So I woke up about the same time as usual.  But instead of milk and a little TV time in mom and dad's bed I was all, "Let's go downstairs and see if Santa filled the stockings!"

He did!  And he even ate the cookies I left except a little piece that I munched.  It's not good to waste food.  And the reindeer ate the carrots I left out too!

My stocking had so many awesome things, but I think the blue nail polish was my favorite. Santa knew that's just what I wanted!

After stockings mom and I played while dad made pancakes.  I love pancakes!  I dressed up as Minnie-peep.

And then mom found a Disney parade on TV.  It was amazing!

I waved to all the parade guys.

I would have watched the parade all day, but there were pancakes to eat and presents to open.

Present opening was so fun because almost everything was for me.  And even the stuff that wasn't for me required the nimble fingers of a toddler-peep to open.  So I pretty much opened everything.  I got some Peppa Pig guys!

And my very own blue peep-shovel!  I might help dad shovel snow sometime, but for now it's pretty fun to shovel my toys.

I helped Sissy-dog open her presents.  She got a new flashing ball!

I got some lipstick (chapstick) of my very own.  Mom was all, "That stuff is chemical free and made for peeps!" and I was all, "A little red dye 40 won't kill me, mom."  But it's fine.  If she needs to buy organic hippie lipstick for me she can.  

Dad and I took a break from presents to relax and read my new book.  But don't worry, I was back in costume playing again before long.

Grandma and Grandpa P. stopped by to see my new toys and play with me for a little bit.  We had fun testing everything I got and playing school and gym class.

Later I got a peepi-cure!  Blue nails, a dream come true.

And then I worked on my new puzzle.  It's pretty awesome - first I build the regular puzzle, then I make some buildings, and then I can drive my car all around it.  Amazing.

I had a great Christmas.  I love my presents and the cookies I munched and presents and having dad home to play and presents.  I just have one more teeny tiny present I'm waiting to arrive.  Any day now!

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