Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glowing Hank

I've had such a busy time celebrating Hanukkah and getting ready for Christmas that I'm a little behind on my blogging-skills.  I figure I better get caught up before even bigger things happen.

Since I'm a pretty reasonable toddler-peep, I didn't put up a fuss when I only got a present on one night of Hanukkah.  (I figure Santa will make up for it.  I hope.)  I was still happy to light my Ha-norah every night and I even learned some of the words mom said while I helped her light it.

But back to presents.  I got an awesome package in the mail and was super excited to open it!

The package came all the way from my great auntie and uncle in California.  That's a lot of traveling for a present!  I got a light up Hanky-guy!

It's so awesome!  When the lights are off and it's nice and dark Hanky shines stars and a moon and a Hanky face on the ceiling!  The lights are blue or green or yellow.  It's so neat!  The first day after I got him I was all, "Mom I am furious!" and she was all, "How come, Peep?" and I was all, "Because it's not dark enough to see my lights!"  Luckily it gets dark out at 4 pm so I didn't have to wait too long.

I love my light-up Hanky!  Thank you, Auntie Terri and Uncle Doug!

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