Sunday, December 2, 2012


I got to go to a parade tonight!  I love parades!  As soon as dad told me I ran and grabbed my flag.  Turns out, it wasn't that kind of parade.

It was an outside parade with billions of lights!  Since it was a little chilly out I had to wear a thousand clothes.  I wore leggings and fleece pants and snowpants and an undershirt and a regular shirt and a sweatshirt and a coat and mittens and a hat and boots. I'm not even kidding.  But I stayed toasty.

Mostly I sat on dad's lap to watch.  The people next to us were loud and I didn't like them so dad had to protect me.

It was a pretty awesome parade.  My favorite part was a the circus float with (kids dressed as) animals and a train.  But at the end of the parade I saw Santa!  I was a little worried at first that I'd have to sit on his lap, but once mom assured me this Santa was just for watching, I was excited to see him.

I had such a good time mom was all, "Peep, do you want to go back again?" and I was all, "Yes! But let's not stand by the loud people."

I really love parades.

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