Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The other day I was all, "Dad!  We have to make Christmas cookies!" and dad was all, "Okay Peep, but don't get too excited, mom will probably eat them all while we're asleep."

So, we got to work.  Dad has a lot of rules about only making Christmas shapes at Christmastime.  Luckily he can't say no to me so I got some Mickey shaped cookies too.

I got to make the shapes after dad rolled the dough.  Don't worry, I scrubbed my hands before I got started.  I'm a very germ-conscious-peep.

Making cookies was super fun.

Dad and I make a great team.

The next day it was time for decorating!  Mom was in charge of frosting colors so we got bright cookies that weren't entirely Christmas-y.  At least I don't think orange and turquoise are Christmas colors.  Spreading the frosting was a little tricky for me so mom and dad helped.  I like to keep my hands clean you know.

But I'm an expert sprinkler.  I made sure there weren't any under-sprinkled cookies.

I have to say, I did a pretty awesome job.  The cookies turned out great.  If you don't believe me, just ask mom.  She's had most of the container.  And I'm pretty sure she's hiding some under her pillow.

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