Monday, December 31, 2012


A few days late but I'm due for my thirty-two update.  It's been a pretty awesome, present-filled month!

I'm not sure I have any earth-shattering news.  I've just been a regular toddler-peep.  My big girl bed continues to be great.  I love to sit in it and read books during the day, and that's only sort of related to easy bguck access.  I've been going to bed between 8 and 8:30 pm and sleeping until 7-7:45 am.  At night I'm pretty well behaved about sleep.  I don't wander or get out of bed and in the morning I just call for mom and dad when I see the seven on my clock.  My naps have been less than awesome, according to mom anyway.  At the beginning of the month I decided that napping for an hour seemed sufficient.  Mom thought this was lame.  Lately I'm napping 1.5-2 hours a few days, and then a 45-50 minute day, and then back to longer again.  A fair compromise I think.  I didn't think I needed to nap at all but mom was all, "The bguck fairy will take your bgucks if you don't rest.  Bgucks are only for kids that nap."  Lame but a risk I can't take.

My potty skills remain solid.  I even nap in underpants now!  I've only had one wet morning diaper in almost four months but since my closet is filled with diapers, I still use one at night.  

I think I'm bigger and stronger.  I've had eleventy billion people tell me a look taller.  I'm practically super-model tall.  I got new shoes - size six!  Okay, so my feet don't actually measure a six yet but I'm close.  My fluffy mullet is getting super long.  I'm sure all this growth is from my excellent food-munching skills.  I've gotten especially good at eating peanut butter cups and cookies.

I had another great month at school.  I love learning new songs and doing art projects.  At home I sing all day long and spend a lot of time with my art supplies.  I'm a very creative peep.  I can even draw people now.  And most of the time the nose is below the eyes.  But mostly books are still my favorite.  New library books are my extra mega favorite.  When I get new books I like to spend the whole day reading them.  I also love playing school (I'm the teacher, mom and dad are my class), and playing marching band.  When dad gets home from work we like to play hide and seek, run around the house screaming, and put-Hanky-on-the-fan-and-watch-him-spin.  All awesome games.  Our noise level always impresses mom.

Gym class has been great and I've been doing peep-yoga class too.  I like to do tree pose, star pose, down dog, and hand stands on the wall.  I'm going to take a break from these classes though, just until Beef Stu is big enough to come with and cheer for me.  Instead, I'm going to start musical storytime class at the library soon!  I can't wait.  I ask mom if it's time to start pretty much every day.

I've had a pretty great thirty-two months running things around here.  I think I'm ready for my promotion.  I was born to be a big sister.  And probably a neurosurgeon.  Or poet.  Or interpretive dancer.

Happy thirty-two to me!

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