Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day Twenty-Six

Day Twenty-Six!  To wrap up Jungle Animal Week it was a zebra-filled day.  We sang zebra songs and read zebra books and made zebra art.  It was pretty awesome.

Even though it was chilly this morning, by lunchtime it was practically summer (43 degrees) so we got to take a nature walk.

I had another great day at school.

Oh and see my shirt?  It's no coincidence I picked my Mickey sweatshirt to wear today.  Just wait until you hear where I'm going tonight!

As if zebras and Mickey weren't great enough, my new coat arrived yesterday and I got to wear it today!  Since mom is a lunatic about carseat safety she's been pretty worked up about the coat-in-the-car situation.  And since we live in a place where no coat is a poor solution, my new coat is the next best thing.

I'm not particularly concerned with mom's reasoning.  I just like the purple color and the zipper and the mature edge this coat gives me.  And by the time I'm four or seven, I might not need the sleeves rolled.

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