Friday, December 7, 2012

Mickey Live!

Did you guys guess why I picked my Mickey sweatshirt for school yesterday?!

I went to Disney on Ice last night!!!  (Yes, that's my b-guck. No need to judge me.  I can have it in my room.  And if you want to know how much time I spend in my room, it's a lot.)

I wanted to look my best for Mickey so I took an afternoon shower and then got all dressed up!

Lots of kids were dressed like princesses but I like Mickey and Minnie best.

Then I ate an early dinner so I would have lots of energy for dancing and waving and singing.  I even busted out an oldier-but-goodie (my bib) so that I wouldn't get Minnie dirty.

When daddy got home from work it was time to go!  He was the chauffeur for the evening so that mommy and I wouldn't have to waddle through a parking lot.  Mom is not exactly quick these days. 

Hank came for the car ride, of course, but we didn't have a ticket for him to see the show.  Poor guy.

We got to the show with seconds to spare - I yelled "get out of the way, cars" the whole ride there but it didn't help.  Lame traffic.  When the show started, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy came out.  It was AMAZING.  My pictures aren't great because mom didn't bring the big camera (I know, she's off her game) but trust me, my tiny mind was blown.

Seeing the guys from the third row was unreal.

The show was extra fun because Bella came with me and we even wore matching shirts!

We were probably the best looking Minnie-peeps at the whole show.  And we even had some awesome fancy (Target dollar bin) glow stick bracelets.  

Yep, we brought our own snacks too.  I was totally willing to try cotton candy but mom was all, "You're not eating that crap until you're twenty."  The list of things I can't do until I'm twenty is getting unreasonably long.

The whole show was amazing.  I didn't really know who most of the guys were but I still danced and waved and cheered, especially when I saw Mickey and Donald and Goofy.  I also really liked the "blue guys" (genies from Aladdin).  But I have to be honest, Peeps.  I was a bit distressed that Fluto didn't come to the show.  When I got home I tried waving my magic wand and saying abracadabra to see if it would make Fluto appear.  No luck so far.  Lame.

At the end of the show Bella and I had a hug and kiss and parted ways.  We had a super fun time together and we are so excited to go and see Elmo Live next month with our daddies!

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