Friday, December 14, 2012

Day Twenty-Eight

Day Twenty-Eight!  

Since we were wrapping up Backyard Week I thought my Minnie Mouse shirt would be appropriate.  Technically not my backyard, but some of Minnie's cousins scamper around my garage when it's warm out.  You know, until dad gives them a special peanut butter treat in a special little mouse-house.

Anyway, school.  I had a great time making a bird feeder and I can't wait to hang it and watch all the birds munch it.  I bet squeaky squirrels might take a taste too.

I also had a great time playing flannel board and singing about fish.  I love working on my flannel board skills.  Maybe mom will take the hint and make me some fish for my own board.  Cough cough, you hear that, mom??

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