Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve I went to a party at my Auntie Susan and Uncle Eric's house.  All of daddy's family was there to see me!

I wore a fancy Christmas twirly dress and even participated in the Christmas cheer with reindeer antlers.  For a little bit.  Except when mom had the camera out, and then I did my best to chuck them.

I had lots of time to play with everyone.  My favorite game was "open and close the front door."  

After lots of playing we had dinner.  I had Mickey-nuggets and pouch and bread and fruit.  I'm pretty sure that's a classic Christmas dinner.  

After dinner it was time for more playing!

Dad thought after dinner was nap time.  Lame.

I woke him up and announced to the group that it was present time.  A peep can't wait all night for presents!

I got a billion awesome presents!  My uncles and aunties and cousins and grandparents gave me all my favorite things, like toys and puzzles and toys and stickers and clothes and toys and dress up clothes.  I had so much fun I didn't even notice that I was up hours past bedtime!  It was a great night.

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